Click here to enjoy a copy of our Winter newsletter and annual appeal. Donations may be sent to the PO Box shown below (at the bottom of each page of our website), through our Facebook site, or through our secure PayPal “donate” button (top right).  For stock donation instructions, please click here.


HOMEOWNER APPLICATION CYCLE OPENS DEC. 7TH: Please visit our Programs & Assistance page to learn more and read our newsletter for information on this, our current build, and an exciting new partnership!



Please note that we’ve moved administrative & program offices and have permanently closed our ReStore location as of mid-August in order to better focus on our core mission of building housing with qualified individuals and families.   We look forward to continuing to serve Hancock County in partnership with you, our supporters. Please follow us on Facebook . More information can be found by reading these articles (click here).

Note: Our PO Box mailing address (found below) remains the same. 

Photos of the vibrant Orland Community Center where our offices are now housed.


Thank you to all of this year’s Swing for Habitat Golf Tournament participants and supporters!  Please consider supporting these businesses with your patronage.


We are so pleased and excited to introduce you to the Campbell family — Derek & Kylie, Samantha and Thomas — our partners for our current build in Franklin. 



Following a volunteer hiatus to allow for professionals to help get us under-roof and complete a few other items, we’ve resumed working on our current build in Franklin.  Please email Director.HCHH@gmail.com if you’re interested in coming out as an individual or group. 

We’ll be working just a few Fridays and/or Saturdays each month, by appointment. Typical work days are from 9:30AM to 3/3:30PM.  (Fridays may be 1/2 days, T.B.D. on a week by week basis, in order to allow for some planning time.) In order to be sure that we have enough materials and tasks, we ask that you R.S.V.P. and receive a confirmation before coming out.  


Thank you to the Hospitality for Habitat  participating inns and guests!  Please look for more information on the 2020 event at https://www.hospitalitymaine.com/page/habitat