Hancock County Habitat relies on its volunteers!

Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page to request additional information and be sure to fill out our volunteer survey after participating on-site, in our office, etc.

Costs and Benefits of Volunteering

What does it cost to become a Hancock County Habitat volunteer?  What are the benefits? The cost is a few hours a week or a month, spent while building at the house site, serving on a committee, performing office-related work, or baking brownies for the workers.  The benefits include working with other dedicated people who want to eliminate substandard housing in our area, gaining building skills, and experiencing the feeling that comes with knowing you are giving a hand up to someone in your community.

From the grounhabitat (4)d breaking ceremony to the house dedication, it is our volunteers who turn lumber, nails, roofing shingles, and gallons of paint into a real home for a deserving individual or family.

Despite what this picture might lead you to believe, you must be 16 or older to participate on the job site (except for specially scheduled landscaping or painting)…but, as stated above, there are many ways to be involved in Habitat’s mission!


Check out how MDI and Sumner high schools have contributed their time to Habitat projects.



Site Supervisors – If you are moderately handy, or are a skilled craftsman, your talents will be put to good use. We are always in need of supervisors for our programs to instruct and guide our volunteers.

Site Volunteer – No particular skills or tools necessary.  We’re happy to teach you!

Community/Business Participation – Your business or community group provides volunteers for a day and we provide lunch and a team-building experience!

Community Service Volunteers – If requested volunteer service hours are part of a school requirement or a mandated, court-ordered program, there may be additional paperwork, and we will need a release to be able to speak to the referring agency prior to setting a schedule. Hancock County Habitat has limited volunteer opportunities for individuals completing community service hours through the court; court-ordered service will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  


Fill in the applicable forms and send them to our Office [PO Box 343, Ellsworth, ME 04605] or to Director.HCHH@gmail.com.  Our staff will be in touch with you to discuss current opportunities based on the information provided on your application.  (We apologize, we cannot accommodate drop-in volunteers at either our office or the construction site for reasons of scheduling and safety.)

For additional information before your scheduled day of volunteering, please fill out the form below:

    Please fill out the contact form below, and we’d be happy to send you more information on our Habitat affiliate. Other than basic contact information (email, phone and full mailing address with ZIP Code), please DO NOT send confidential personal details electronically. This contact form and the affiliate’s email is not necessarily operated on a secure network. [Please note: By submitting information through this form, you are granting Hancock County Habitat permission to contact you in the future at the email address you’ve shared, until such permission is revoked in writing.]



    The Board of Directors typically meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month in Ellsworth.  To apply to join the Board or an operating committee, please email: Director.HCHH@gmail.com

    Partner Search & Selection Committee:  responsible for being familiar with adopted, Board-level selection criteria, assisting with the generation of a flow of applicants, and interviewing &  recommending applicants to the Board for approval as prospective homeowners.

    Partner Nurture:  responsible for providing homeowners or future homeowners with a mutual support system, educational opportunities, and a forum for  discussions pertaining to homeownership and maintenance — all for the purpose of helping families break the poverty cycle and become independent.

    Site Selection & Acquisition Committee:  responsible for targeting the areas of the community in which the projects shall be developed (coordinating with Family Selection), investigating and researching the availability of property,  and recommending property to the Board for acquisition.

    Building Committee:  responsible for planning and implementing the construction projects of the corporation.  Tasks shall include obtaining house plans, soliciting professional help and donation of materials, finding and coordinating volunteers and supervising construction.

    Public Relations Committee:  responsible for educating and informing the general public regarding the mission and purpose of the affiliate, the need for better and more affordable housing in certain areas, and steps being taken to meet this need.  Tasks include public speaking, communicating with the news media, and publishing of a periodic newsletter.

    Development & Fundraising:  responsible for implementing fundraising campaigns and planning special fundraising events for the affiliate, grant proposal writing, meeting with and cultivating current or potential donors, and making certain affiliate operations are fully funded each year