Hancock County Habitat strives to do the most good with every single dollar entrusted to us. A gift supports our mission and creates an immediate and significant impact for the individuals, families and communities who partner with us.

With your support you create home, and home is everything.

Please support Hancock County Habitat for Humanity through a financial gift, stock donation, your estate planning, and/or a gift of personal property.  A secure link for online donations may be found in the column at the right of each page (Paypal, donate button). 

Please visit these other pages for more detailed information about:

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Habitat County Habitat for Humanity is a well-respected nonprofit which has continued to serve the community since its founding in 1989.  We have been able to do so through the generosity of numerous individuals, faith groups, businesses, and foundations, as well as through the monthly mortgage payments made by our Habitat homeowners.

We are committed to keeping overhead costs to a minimum and to maximizing our donors’ contributions.  We have one 3/4-time employee (our Executive Director) + a PT independent contractor who helps to supervise our worksite.  All other work is performed by our dedicated volunteers.  

We endeavor to be the best possible stewards of the outstanding financial commitments made by our donors and partners to accomplish our mission.  The links below (click on the icons) have been provided in the interest of transparency.  We also welcome your questions, knowing that making a donation—at any level—can be a complex and difficult decision.

IRS Group Exemption Information: As noted at the bottom of each page of our website, Hancock County Habitat for Humanity, with employer identification number 01-0443774, is considered a subordinate under the group tax exemption umbrella of Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. (“HFHI”) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The group exemption number assigned to HFHI, our parent organization, by the IRS is 8545, and their EIN is 91-1914868.

Our organization doesn’t appear on the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Select Check site [] as we are a subordinate under Habitat for Humanity International and fall under their group exemption number, searchable by their EIN. (A few other Maine affiliates actually do appear separately, which can get a bit confusing!)

All donations made to Hancock County Habitat for Humanity are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Donations made by constituents in our service area through our parent organization, HFHI, do not necessarily funnel their way back to our local affiliate, but rather must be designated specifically to us and are then sent after HFHI takes an 11% administrative fee out of the donation.  Please consider donating locally and directly.  Thank you!

Click the image below to see a copy of our latest IRS group exemption letter and explanatory documents from HFHI. 

Click on the description below each PDF image on the descriptor for copies of our latest  financial  documents.

FY19-20 FS
FY20 990
FY19 990

FY15 990

FY18 990

FY15 990
FY17 990
FY15 990
FY16-Am. 990
FY15 990
FY15 990


Audit FS FY15
Audit FS FY15
FY14 990
Audit  FS FY13
FY13 990
Audit FS FY12
FY12 990
AuditeFS FY11
FY11 990

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Donor Bill of Rights

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